Squirrel Removal Services

sqSquirrels are small, endearing members of the huge family of rodents. They do not hibernate and seek shelter where they can store food for the winter. They look for shelter in trees and often times in houses. They build nests where they can breed their young, they breed twice a year. Unfortunately when they make a nest in hoses the multiple dangers of chewing on wiring, damaging insulation and importing fleas and other small insects that can spread disease comes with them. They often nest in unused chimneys and can cause a serious fire if the fireplace is put into use.

Removing these small animals and preventing their return humanely is actually easier than exterminating and much safer in the long run. Exterminators use chemicals which usually require removing other small animals an people from the home and can leave a residue or cause allergic reactions. There is no need to eliminate these animals by causing death. Just contact Chicago squirrel removal for a humane removal process

The first step when squirrels have nested is to identify where the entry point or points are. This in itself has a benefit since a hole or multiple openings in the roof or lower areas of the house can be an energy loss issue. Squirrels use brush, sticks or paper and insulation to make their nests so finding these nests will allow for any repairs that are necessary. Chewed wires, combustible material and water damage all are the start of serious damage to house. Finding the nest and then removing the materials is next.

Depending on where the nest is located a professional pest control contractor might be necessary. These experts are skilled in knowing where nests are likely to be placed and how to identify local damage or things that need immediate attention. Working with a humane pest control contractor who uses no-kill methods and guarantees safe and permanent removal is the next step.


Since squirrels breed twice a year removing when the young are able to fend for themselves is necessary. Finding the nest, making sure the occupants are not present and removing it and sealing the entry areas is the most usual procedure. Using an environmentally safe deterrent to discourage entry is another step. Natural ingredients are more effective and safer for all concerned, human and squirrels alike.

Squirrel removal is essential for the health and safety of the residents. Doing this in a humane manner is also best for both. The squirrels find a safe area to nest outside the home and the homeowners rest easy with a good conscience.